About Cello Force

Welcome to the world of Cello Force, a band that brings to life symphonic metal!
Our leading instrument is the cello, which adds a unique touch to our music.
We are a group specializing in instrumental music that fills the space with powerful and emotional sounds.

Cello Force is a project created by two incredibly talented artists.
Lukas, a guitarist, composer, producer, and sound engineer.
Marta, a virtuoso cellist who was a graduate of a music conservatory.
The combination of their talents and passion produces exceptional results.

Our mission is to provide our audience with unforgettable artistic experiences, create emotions and beautiful memories that they will take home and share with their loved ones and friends… We know this has been happening ever since we step onto the stage.

Our achievements are already making waves in the music industry.
We have released one full album that has garnered praise from critics and fans alike.
In 2015, we secured second place in the prestigious international competition held by the renowned metal label Nuclear Blast, with our stunning cover of Nightwish’s „Elan.”

For the past few years, under our side project named Need For Strings, we have delivered unforgettable performances on various stages from small events to major stadiums.

Now, following our move to beautiful Tenerife, we have decided to revive our main project, Cello Force, and embark on a wide-ranging international career.

We want to share our passion and energy with you all around the world.
Our goal is to promote covers of well-known bands such as AC/DC, Nirvana, and Metallica, while also showcasing our own original music featured on our debut album, „Cello Force.”
It will be a true musical experience that should not be missed.

Simultaneously, with the aim of reaching an even broader fan base, we have launched our TikTok channel. you will find us under nickname @celloforce.
We invite you to follow us for creative and dynamic performances.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce that we are working on our second and third albums with original music. One of them will be symphonic metal and one with peaceful lullaby music, it will be a feast for all cello and symphonic metal enthusiasts.

We eagerly await your presence and support on our website.
Join Cello Force and embark on a unique musical journey into the world of symphonic metal!



events.celloforce [at] gmail com