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Cello Force Symphonic Rock

Cello Force

Cello Force

Cello Force is a „symphonic rock” band.
After many years of classical education finally rock’n’roll time has come.
Powerfull cello riffs and rock music – this is what we love and what drives us to the limits !

We are in the middle of recording session.
In preparation we have three of our own „Cello Force” compositions and we are also in process of producing some great and unexpected arrangement of the most popular songs in the world….this is a part of the „Cello Force Cover Project” that we are working on.
All that will be released within next 3-4 weeks.
We can’t wait to share with you our passion and get feedback from you guys.
We are so super excited!

So now it’s time to work even harder and with greater passion.

Godspeed !